Love Your Local Food

Monroe Food, Louisiana Food, February is often called the “Month of Love.” Well, here in Monroe-West Monroe, the staff of the Monroe-West Monroe Convention & Visitors Bureau wants you to know how much we “Love our Local Food.” So we are going to blog about it….all month long.

That’s right. We are kicking off our new blog with a month of posts about local restaurants that fill our bellies and satisfy our taste buds. We’ll pull up a seat at local diners, fine dining restaurants by the water, and catfish houses….and we are taking you with us.

Monroe-West Monroe is home to quite an eclectic culinary scene, with menu options like smothered pork chops, roast beef po’boys with gravy, Catfish DeSiard, fried chicken, crawfish (cooked in every way imaginable), fried catfish-regular or thin & crispy, mouthwatering burgers, steaks grilled to perfection, cheese grits (it’s the South…we have to have our grits), banana caramel pudding or pie, bread pudding, and more.

Are you hungry yet? Join us as we celebrate the month of February and show you just how much we “Love our Local Food”!

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