Mohawk Seafood Tavern

By Sylvia B. & Georgie H.

Lee Carter, Sylvia, & Georgie

Lunch time and we needed a place to eat, something different, a place that we have never gone before.  We mutually agreed to go the Mohawk Seafood and Tavern.

We started on our way! Once we arrived we were greeted and seated by our waiter Lee Carter, all decked out in his white coat.

Once seated, we knew right away that we would try the famous seafood gumbo that we had heard so much about.  Once eaten, we agreed that it was a bowl of deliciousness.

Mohawk’s Seafood Gumbo
Ann Norman, owner
Ann Norman, owner

The Mohawk is a well-established restaurant that opened in 1952 in Monroe, Louisiana.  Before ordering our entrée, we talked to Ann Norman who gave us a brief history of the restaurant that has been owned and operated by the Norman Family for 62 years.

For our main entrée, one of us ordered the grilled salmon with steamed vegetables as a healthy choice and the other choice was the seafood combination platter (fried catfish and stuffed shrimp). The portions were good and plenty.

Grilled Salmon
Grilled Salmon
Seafood platter with fried catfish and stuffed shrimp

There’s always room for dessert so we shared a slice of Banana Foster Ice Cream Cake. Umm, Umm good!

Banana Foster Ice Cream Cake
Banana Foster Ice Cream Cake

If you have not tried the “Mohawk” it’s your turn to go.  You can order from the menu or try one of the daily specials.

Closed Sunday’s and Monday’s

Shout out to Ann Norman and Lee Carter! We enjoyed our lunch!

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