The Green Beans Are Amazing

By Georgie H., Haleigh H., and Sheila S.

bbq food, louisiana bbq, monroe louisiana
BBQ Pit in Sterlington, LA

Georgie, Haleigh, and I made the short trip up Hwy. 165 North to Sterlington for lunch at the BBQ Pit. We chose a cozy booth near the back of the restaurant and settled in for lunch on a chilly February day.

bbq, louisiana bbq, monroe louisiana
Inside the BBQ Pit

Owner Matthew Springfield took over the BBQ Pit in 2012. He came from banking, but was no stranger to the restaurant business. He formerly worked at The Fish House, a restaurant located across the parking lot from his own. He and his staff focus on delivering good food and great service on a consistent basis. And on our visit, they certainly succeeded.

It had been a while since Georgie had been here, and Haleigh and I were first-timers. So when Bridget, our server, came to take our order, we asked for a few suggestions. The first thing she said was “Our green beans are amazing.” Now, I don’t know about you, but when someone describes green beans as amazing, I get curious. We all did. She offered samples, and, of course, we accepted. And she’s right. Their green beans are amazing.

Green beans, bbq pit, monroe louisiana
Amazing Green Beans

We ordered the Loaded Pit BBQ Chips topped with Pit-Loaded meat. Pit-loaded is a mix of all the meats served at the BBQ Pit like chicken, sausage, beef, and pulled pork. The chips are homemade potato chips, deep fried, and served with your choice of Ranch or BBQ Ranch. (Choose the BBQ Ranch. You’ll thank us!)

bbq, bbq louisiana, homemade potato chips, monroe louisiana
Pit-Loaded Chips

Georgie ordered the Pit-Loaded Sandwich. That’s the same delicious mix of meats that we had on our chips. It comes on Texas Toast with oneside.

green beans, bbq, bbq pit, louisiana bbq, monroe louisiana
Pit-Loaded Sandwich with (again) Amazing Green Beans

The green beans were so amazing that Georgie ordered those along with a side of onion rings to share. We were thankful that she did.

onion rings, bbq pit, louisiana bbq, monroe louisiana
Giant onion rings

Haleigh tried the Pulled Chicken sandwich on Texas Toast with a side of fries. The chicken had a great smoky flavor.

pulled chicken, chicken sandwich, bbq, louisiana bbq, bbq pit, monroe louisiana
Pulled Chicken Sandwich

I ordered the Pit Plate with beef brisket and sausage. It came with two sides, so I chose fries and BBQ Beans. The beef was tender and had great flavor. The sausage was tasty and cooked perfectly. The beans are seasoned nicely with just the right texture and BBQ flavor.

bbq, bbq pit, louisiana bbq, monroe louisiana
Pit plate with beef brisket, sausage, BBQ beans, and fries

The dessert options are enticing. We tried the bread pudding. They also have Banana Pudding and pies like Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Pecan, Turtle and more.

bread pudding, praline sauce, bbq pit, monroe louisiana
Bread pudding with Praline Sauce

Fans of Pork Rinds, can also pick up a bag to go…if they have any left.

pork rinds, bbq pit, monroe louisiana
BBQ Pit Pork Rinds

The BBQ Pit is located at 8825 Highway 165 North, Suite 4, in Sterlington, Louisiana. They are open Monday-Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. They are closed on Sundays.

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