5 Takes on the King Cake in Monroe-West Monroe

by Sheila S.

It’s Mardi Gras season in Louisiana and that means it’s also King Cake Season! The King Cake has been around for 300 or so years. What started as dry French bread with sugar on top is now a delicious pastry type dough with cinnamon topped with sugary sweet icing and any combination of purple, green, and gold(or yellow) sprinkles. You’ll also find them filled with cream cheese, praline sauce, or a number of other tasty options.

This year, we wanted to share a five different ways to enjoy this Mardi Gras tradition in Monroe-West Monroe:

  1. Tummy Yummy Creations’ Prince Cake
king cake, mardi gras, monroe louisiana, louisiana
Tummy Yummy Creations’ Prince Cake

Pick up a Prince Cake from Tummy Yummy Creations in West Monroe. This smaller version of the King Cake allows you to enjoy a smaller version of this festive treat! Choose from Classic Cinnamon, Peach, Praline, Strawberry, Cream Cheese, Chocolate Pudding or Bananas Foster and, if you are lucky enough to catch it, their newest flavor Blueberry Lemon. And they are only $7 each!

  1. Daily Harvest Bakery King Cakes
king cake, mardi gras, daily harvest, monroe louisiana
Daily Harvest King Cake

Known for “good food with a side of healthy,” Daily Harvest Bakery King Cakes offer the same delicious taste with that same healthy spirit. They make their king cakes with whole wheat flour and succanot, a diabetic friendly sweetener.  Choose from flavors like Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Cream Cheese, and Pecan Praline!

  1. Chef Cassie’s King Cakestravaganza
nonna, cory bahr, king cake, monroe louisiana
Chef Cassie’s King Cake from Nonna

Nonna, the Italian restaurant of award-winning Chef Cory Bahr, is known for their delicious Italian fare. The patio is the perfect place to unwind and one can let the afternoon slip away with some fun on the bocce ball court. During Mardi Gras season, they’ll now be known for Chef Cassie’s King Cakes with Creole Cream Cheese, Roasted Louisiana Strawberry, Dulce de Leche, or Traditional Cinnamon flavors. Believe me, there is no wrong choice.

  1. The Corner Coffeehouse King Cake Latte
corner coffee, king cake, mardi gras, monroe louisiana
King Cake Latte with a side of King Cake from the Corner Coffee House

Looking for something a little different? Try your King Cake in a cup at The Corner Coffeehouse! Flavored with White Chocolate, Amaretto, and Caramel, this specialty latte features is topped with whip cream and purple, green, and gold sugar sprinkles. They also serve King Cakes and Mardi Gras cupcakes as well in their bakery.

  1. Magic Grill West Monroe’s King Cake Burger
King Cake Burger at Magic Grill in West Monroe
King Cake Burger at Magic Grill in West Monroe

Perhaps the most adventurous way to enjoy the flavors of the Mardi Gras season is with the King Cake Burger at Magic Grill West Monroe. And yes…it is exactly what it sounds like: a beef hamburger patty served in a traditional King Cake bun and dressed just how you like it. They tried it last year for about a week and those patrons, who were brave enough to try it, loved it. When Mardi Gras season rolled around this year, the calls started rolling in. Kaitlyn and I couldn’t pass up the chance to give it a try. We both loved the sweet mixed with the savory. It’s definitely a must-try this season.

So what’s your favorite way to enjoy this Mardi Gras tradition?? Which one of these 5 are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments.

Laissez les bon temps rouler, y’all!

Top 10 Fashion Trends for 2015

By Kaitlyn G.

We’ve searched around and compiled a list of the Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2015. With so many cute local boutiques in Monroe-West Monroe, there are plenty of places to shop these trends!  Oh, and in case you haven’t heard the trend we love most: Local is the new black.

  1. Color of the Year

Keep your eyes wide for the color of the year for 2015, Marsala. This reddish-brown hue, named after the Sicilian wine, is popping up everywhere from pillows to purses to pants. Marsala is sure to add depth and warmth to your wardrobe in these next few cold winter months. Place you are sure to find Marsala? Salt & Pepper Accessory Boutique!

Salt & Pepper Accessory Boutique hat and pants in Marsala
Salt & Pepper Accessory Boutique hat and pants in Marsala
  1. Gingham

While the print itself is nothing new, the use of gingham in 2015 is fresh in modern and simplistic hues of toasted almond, aquamarine and shades of red. Gingham will be popping up everywhere from skirts and dresses to scarves and cardigans.

Check out this oversized gingham shirt we found at Free Birds!

gingham, Free Birds, West Monroe Louisiana
Gingham shirt from Free Birds
  1. Subtle 70s

The wild 70’s is a decade to remember and is certainly inspiring fashion for another year. Making a comeback under a tasteful, editing eye, baby bells (toned down bell bottoms), fringe and frays, and rising necklines are here to stay this season. With subtle 70s throwback vibes, these boots from Herringstone’s are a must have.


Herringstone's boots in various styles
Herringstone’s boots in various styles
  1. Doing Denim Differently

Denim has always been a staple in everyone’s closet for as long as I can remember. In 2015, fashion is mixing things up and creating new glamorous ways to show off our denim. Not just limited to jeans anymore, this denim puffer jacket from K-Sera is a great example of how to pull off decorated denim.

K-sera, shopping, West Monroe Louisiana
Denim vest from K-Sera
  1. Sporty minimalism

Fall in love with sportswear and casual wear this year because it’s everywhere-and we’re excited about it! Comfort is chic with cut outs and minimalist touches in sporty yet casual jackets, sweaters, and crop tops will keep you on trend. Take a pared-down approach to athletic influences such as stripes, zippers, and drawstrings. You can check out these cool and casual styles at Herringstone’s and Rustic Rose.


Herringstone's, Rustic Rose, stripes, winter trends, west monroe louisiana
Sporty looks from Herringstone’s and Rustic Rose
  1. Suede

Suede is the new fur for 2015, and it’s coming in all colors and patterns. From buff shades, to yellow, to polka dots, you name it-you can find it in suede. Try out these suede mocha boots from Free Birds.

Free Birds, west monroe louisiana, shopping, suede
Suede boots from Free Birds
  1. Showing shoulder

Shoulders are strong this year, and we aren’t talking shoulder pads! Designers are taking the less-is-more approach by creating pieces that have a bold one-shoulder design as well as cute cut-outs like this dress from The Twisted Peacock to show your shrug. 

The Twisted Peacock, West Monroe Louisiana, shopping
Off the shoulder dress from The Twisted Peacock
  1. Statement stripes

Stripes are everywhere this season in all colors, sizes, and placements. You’ll find statement stripes featured in sleeves and accents of handbags as well as entirely striped pieces. Horizontal or vertical doesn’t matter this year so try them both! Pull off this trend by sporting this soft, black & white striped tee dress from K-Sera.


stripes, tee dress, K-Sera, West Monroe Louisiana, Antique Alley, shopping
Striped tee dress from K-Sera
  1. Modern and muted safari

Just imagine the Hamptons on safari. Instead of wearing heavy, opt for charmeuse jumpsuits in the new shades of tree top or woodbrine green. Trade the baggy utility style pants for fitted cargos in soft beige and dark khaki like these from Duck & Dressing.


Duck and Dressing, Monroe Louisiana, shopping, fitted cargos
Fitted cargos from Duck and Dressing
  1. Prima Ballerina

Basics are your best friend in beautiful blush and black. You can find these shades basically anywhere, and the fit and comfort level is divine. Pieces reminiscent of flowing ballet wear in these soft colors will take you far into spring and summer. This dress from The Shabby Chic Two is perfect either for a night out or to pair with leggings for a casual day outfit.

dress, shabby chic, west monroe louisiana
Dress from The Shabby Chic Two