Crawfish in the Twin Cities

by Jerrica B.

Money can’t buy happiness… but it can buy crawfish and that’s pretty much the same thing!

Crawfish by Cecil Manning

Looking to get your mudbugs fix this season? You don’t have to go very far. Monroe and West Monroe have some of the best local selections when it comes to our favorite Cajun-style seafood. With so many competitors, these restaurants occasionally spice up the competition with special meal deals, low prices, or live entertainment. Here is our list of places you should check out:

1. Fieldhouse Bar & Grill 
Check out their Wednesday Special- 3 lbs. of crawfish and a choice of 15 wings OR a 100 oz. beer tower for $25.

2. Riverside Coney Island
3. Trapp’s
4. Catfish Charlie’s
5. Cormier’s
6. Crawfish City
7. Cheniere Shack
8. Miletello’s Sport’s City Grill
9. For the Love of N’Awlins
10. The Madhouse Sports Grill
11. The Fish House
12. Magic Grill West Monroe

1. Captain Avery’s Seafood
2. Randall’s Fine Meats

When it comes to crawfish, Monroe-West Monroe restaurants don’t play. Whether you are want to dine-in or carry-out, live crawfish or boiled, the options are endless, so go out and try them all!

Skye Hensley Crawfish
We’re waiting…. by Skye Hensley

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