Shop the 2016 Color Trends in Monroe-West Monroe

by Janna J.

With the colds of this winter finally coming to an end, it’s almost time to start working on our spring wardrobe. Spring shopping is like a light at the end of a chilly tunnel, however this early in the game it is hard to know exactly what is going to be in style for the upcoming season. Luckily for us, Pantone just made shopping a little easier by releasing the top ten must have colors for spring 2016. To make spring shopping even more of a breeze for our visitors and locals, we have put together a list of the official Pantone spring color report and just where you can find these colors in Monroe-West Monroe.

  1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is set to be the number one color on trend this season. Believe me you will see this color everywhere. This pale pink is sweet without being too frilly and is perfect for day or night. This color is quickly filling up the racks at local Boutiques such as Duck & Dressing. Hurry up and get this color now to be one of the first on trend this spring 2016 season.

Rose Quartz DD
Duck & Dressing
  1. Serenity

This new spring color is just as calming as it sounds. Fresh and airy, Serenity is a must have in any spring 2016 wardrobe. Serenity goes perfectly with rose quartz to create the ultimate spring outfit. Our very own Rustico already loves this trendy color.

  1. Peach Echo

Different shades of orange have been trending for several seasons, and it’s comes as no surprise that we are seeing a new shade this spring. Now introducing the newest member of the orange family Peach Echo, this playful shade is sure to be a statement color this spring. You can currently find this shade in colored jeans at Pelican District.

Peach Echo Pants
Pelican District
  1. Snorkel Blue

While navy shades are usually reserved for the colder seasons, Snorkel Blue allows us to break the rules thanks to its nautical vibe. You’ll see this color throughout the spring and summer so you better stock up now.  Dress casual with HerringStone’s snorkel blue tank top.

Snorkel Blue top H
  1. Buttercup

Get yourself pumped up about the sunny days to come with Buttercup. This eye-popping hue is the go to statement color of spring 2016. Brighten up your spring day with this Buttercup Tie Dye Tunic from Kin-Mar’s Boutique.

Kin-Mar’s Boutique


  1. Limpet Shell

This shade of aqua that leans towards the green family is sure to be a favorite throughout the 2016 spring season. You will see this color more and more the closer it gets to Easter.  These limpet shell colored jeans from Rustico are perfect for any spring day.

  1. Lilac Gray

In a season where pastels usually rule, a good neutral is a must. Lilac Gray, with its purple undertone adds a little more to your wardrobe than a basic gray. This color allows people who like earthy tones to still wear a spring shade. Check out Hemline Monroe’s Lilac Gray distressed swing tunic.

Liliac Gray Shift Tunic
Hemline Monroe
  1. Fiesta

Get the party started with spring 2016 color Fiesta. Spice up any wardrobe with this sassy spring shade. This vivid red is sure to turn heads, so head on over to K-Sera Boutique to purchase this amazing color.

Feista Red Dress
K-Sera Boutique
  1. Iced Coffee

Another spring 2016 neutral is Iced Coffee. Don’t let the iced named fool you, because this color is set to be hot throughout the year.  Find this earthy neutral in a casual dress from Cara’s Boutique.

Iced Coffee Dress
Cara’s Boutique
  1. Green Flash

Last but defiantly not least on Pantone’s spring 2016 color report is Green Flash. This green will be seen as both a statement and accent color throughout the spring 2016 season. Get your Easter outfit planned early with this dress from The Twisted Peacock.

flash green
The Twisted Peacock

No matter which of these colors you choose to rock, be sure to shop in any of the local Monroe-West Monroe boutiques for the most unique finds this spring 2016 season.

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