Junior League Spring Market a Hit

by Jerrica B.

Is your life a little bit happier? Your closet a little bit fuller? Your wallet a little bit lighter? Chances are, you went to this year’s Spring Market.

Spring Market Registration Booth

If you weren’t already in the mood for spring, you were when you left this event. The bright colors and floral decorations were a pleasant reminder that we were days away from the official start of the loveliest season. We already knew that spring was coming early this year, thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, but the Spring Market really made it feel like winter was behind us, even when it was a cool 50 degrees outside.

Festive and bright spring decor

The Junior League of Monroe held their annual fundraiser last month, and over 5,000 people came out to shop. With over 100 vendors from 26 different states, it was hard to pass up this unique opportunity for a true one-stop shop.

Shoppers could browse through clothing, skin care lines, security systems, and even hunting bows. The options really were endless. On top of that, several restaurants were on site serving food. You could eat there, and then continue your shopping!

Dining area

The Junior League likes to keep the event fresh each year by building on the year before. Two years ago, they added the Breakfast with Bunnies event, which was a huge hit. This year, the vendors came from 26 different states, which is a new record for them. They hope to continue to grow, and bring more business to our town.

This year, the event took place amidst the disastrous events of the flood. However, those at the League hoped that their event would provide a brief reprieve from the happenings of the previous week. People who were suffering or who were dealing with the situation, could spend time with friends and family at the market.

Shopping at the Spring Market

The Junior League raised over $105,000 at their Spring Market, and all of that money goes right back into our community. This organization is very involved in the education system. Every year they adopt a school to provide for. They also award grants to teachers throughout the year. They organize ACT workshop classes for local high schools, and they also have a program to help first-time mothers. So for those who spent money at the Spring Market, know that your money is going to good causes!

Thanks to the Junior League of Monroe for putting on a great event! For all of you shopaholics out there, start saving up for next year! It’s sure to be even bigger and even better.

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