Music in the hills of Landry Vineyards

by Jerrica B.

Morning Dew at Landry's Vinyard.jpg
Landry Vineyards- Photo by Mike Roberts

Our hometown vineyard sits on the edge of West Monroe. It’s a neat, log-cabin style building in the midst of rolling hills decked with rows upon rows of beautiful grape vines. It’s a local treasure. Guests can visit the vineyard to taste their delicious wines or tour their stunning property (or do both). And in the spring and fall, they give you another reason to come out!

The concert series that takes place at Landry Vineyards is always a good time. Hundreds of people turn out for each of their concert weekends, and there is only ONE left for the spring!

landry vineyards, west monroe louisiana
Landry Vineyards Concert, Photo by Rebekah Landry

This season’s series has featured Lisa Spann & Company, Nathan Williams & the Zydeco Cha-Chas, and Code Blue & The Flatliners. Next week, Smackwater will take the stage, bringing a blend of classic rock, rhythm & blues, and cajun genres to the vineyard.

After a summer hiatus, the concert series will be back with their Blanc Du Bois Stomp Fest on August 13th. This exciting event will feature the Mike McKenzie Band. Bring out the whole family for a Lucille Ball look-a-like contest. The ladies who participate can stomp grapes and then place their juice-soaked footprints on Landry Vineyards t-shirts as a keepsake from the event.

lucy, landry vineyards, west monroe louisiana
Lucy Look-a-Like Contest

If you can’t make it to that event, no worries! The Red Grape Stomp Fest is on August 27th. Another Lucy look-a-like contest and another grape stomp will take place. Lisa Spann & Company will be playing, and ladies who participate can also footprint their t-shirts.

After the stomp fests, the regular concert series resumes. The schedule takes place as follows:

September 10th –Code Blue & The Flatliners
September 24th – Mike McKenzie Band
October 8th – The Cartoons
October 22nd – Mason Granade


For a full schedule of their concert series, click here.

So start making your plans for the Landry Vineyards’ concert series. You can bring lawn chairs, blankets, and even a picnic dinner! There will be food available for purchase, but they do not allow outside alcohol. Support the vineyard and purchase one of their fine wines instead! Pets are not allowed either.

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