5 Things You Should Know About Chef Blake Phillips

by Jerrica B.

Do you like to have your finger on the pulse of the Monroe culinary scene? I got you.

Blake Phillips;Sage
Chef Blake Phillips


Blake Phillips has been the chef at Restaurant Sage in Monroe for two years now. Basically, he’s the mastermind behind that amazing food. If you’ve seen his name come up a lot recently, you are not alone. He’s an active member of the local community, and he may or may not have just added a studded crown to his hat rack. Here are 5 things you need to know about Chef Blake:

His winning dish! -Photo courtesy of Restaurant Sage Facebook
  1. He is the reigning Louisiana Seafood King.

This annual competition took place in New Orleans on May 29. Phillips’ opponents were from all over the state. It’s safe to say that he represented the Monroe-West Monroe area very well, since he took home the victory. His winning dish? A blackened sous vide grouper with fava bean and sweet potato puree with corn, crab, and mirliton slaw. For a limited time, you can order this dish at Restaurant Sage!

  1. He went to Italy just before the competition.

He crossed oceans in search of inspiration. Not only for the competition, but also to learn more about his trade. It was here that he decided to use the fava bean in his winning dish, which put an Italian twist on his typically-French cooking style. So when you eat at Restaurant Sage, you know you are getting an incredible, globally-inspired meal.

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Sage Facebook page
  1. He is originally from Monroe.

Although he went to culinary school in Austin, Texas, and spent years as a chef in New Orleans, he grew up right here in our beautiful parish. “It just pulled me back,” he said.

Now, he’s made a name for himself in the local area. First, as the chef behind the impeccable cuisine at Restaurant Sage, and now, because of his win in New Orleans.

  1. He uses his powers for good.

Phillips will be participating in Chefs for a Cause on July 12 to support Family Promise of Ouachita. All proceeds from the event go to the organization which assists the local homeless population. He also helps promote Louisiana cuisine by participating in LTPA’s Chef Take-over. Last year, the event was in Austin, Texas, but this year it will be in Charleston, South Carolina.

Photo courtesy of Restaurant Sage Facebook page
  1. He will represent Louisiana at the Great American Seafood Cook-off.

On August 6 in New Orleans, La., chefs from all over the country will compete in this event. Like Phillips, each chef has won their own state competition and now looks for a victory on the national level. We certainly hope that Chef Blake Phillips wins once again, but we all come out ahead here. These events work to promote Louisiana seafood, which is over 70% of our nation’s seafood.


So there you have it. If you’ve never been to Restaurant Sage, GO. You will not regret it. And when you do go, be sure to congratulate Phillips on his success. You might even get to see his crown! We certainly appreciate what he does for our area, and we look forward to seeing what else he has up his chef coat sleeve.




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