5 Must-Have Items for Fall 2016

by Jerrica B.

We’re still several weeks away from cool weather, but it’s never too early to start scoping out your must-have clothing items for fall. Every year we see new trends emerge, but the local boutiques in Monroe-West Monroe know just how to keep you up to date on the latest styles. Here’s a look at some of the season’s hottest pieces and where to find them.

HerringStones Boutique- Monroe 

1. Hats

The hat is where it’s at. These go with EVERYTHING, and they add so much flair to your outfits. As we transition into fall, the style moves from straw and woven hats to heavier textures like felt and suede. There is a hat for everyone, with a wide range of brim sizes, crown shapes, and textures. Add some adventure to your outfit with a panama-style hat or a wide-brimmed fedora, or make it classy and cute with a felt floppy hat. BONUS: If you’re having a bad hair day or missed a wash, then this is your go-to solution. These gorgeous hats from HerringStones Boutique are perfect for fall.

Hemline- Monroe

2. Bomber Jackets

This jacket style is huge right now, and this is another trend with tons of variety. Remember when leather bomber jackets were popular a few years back? This is a twist on that trend in that these jackets come in all sorts of textures and colors. The basic cut of the jacket is what stays the same. The end of the jacket hits you right at your natural waist, which gives you that hourglass silhouette. It’s perfect for your high-waisted jeans or your A-line midi skirts. This jacket from Hemline is a beautiful, neutral blush that can be paired with almost any color, making it a super versatile piece.

K-Sera Boutique- West Monroe

3. Suede

Adding this texture to your fall wardrobe will make you stand out, for sure. It can put a chic spin on any outfit. From pants and leggings to tops and vests, this fabric can be found as just about any piece of clothing. This outfit from K-Sera Boutique goes full suede with both top and pants in this smooth fabric.

Free Birds Boutique- West Monroe

4. Chokers

No matter how much you try to deny it, this trend is back. But this time, it comes in a variety of styles. Leather, lace, and velvet can be used, and a pearl can give it that soft accent. This stylish piece makes your neck look longer and slimmer. Check out Free Birds Boutique in West Monroe for these unique choker styles, and find what works for you!

Eleven 26 Boutique- West Monroe

5. Lace-Up Necklines

This is a fun trend that made waves over the summer and has now carried into the fall. This sultry neckline adds an interesting twist to your typical casual shirt. As it transitions into fall, you’ll see these pieces become available in more fall colors, heavier textures (like velvet or suede), and with long sleeves. These pieces from Eleven 26 Boutique prove that this style is here to stay. Throw a wide-brimmed fedora with this style for an effortlessly cool look.

This fall, don’t forget about your local Monroe-West Monroe boutiques who have you covered for the latest fashions. What are some of your favorite upcoming fall trends? Let us know!

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